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Blood on the Asphalt is a hexcrawl adventure for Viditya Violeti's Bloodbeam Badlands.  In it, players will be recruited by ambitious rancher Dex Honcho to traverse a treacherous highway, herding goats and fending off the forces of the Duchess of Nails, all in hopes of finally striking it rich. Survive a perilous trek under the blazing Forever Dawn, learn the secret of your employer's motivations, and decide the balance of power in the county!

This module includes:

  • An 8x7 hexmap featuring 4 unique terrain types
  • 8 1d6 encounter tables, split into Mundane and Hostile prompts 
  • 11 locations and setpieces for players to explore
  • 30 stat blocks of people and creatures, should you need to take up arms
  • 6 pieces of photobashed, public domain and free-to-use art to spark your imagination
  • 6000+ words spread across 37 pages describing my vision of the Bloodbeam Badlands setting.
  • An extensively hyperlinked PDF for easy navigation, god this took me so long please use the links

Content warnings: Religious extremism, bigotry (against lycanthropes), spiders/arachnids, blood, animal bites, venom, gun violence. Call it a "PG-13 rating."

This adventure was created as part of the RTFM Bloodbeam Badjam. You can listen to the RTFM podcast on Bloodbeam Badlands here.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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