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The Midwestern United States is a magical place, with epic struggles and tragic histories as poignant as any Tolkeinian legend. Based on my ten years of living in Indiana, Finley, A Midwest Fantasy aims to capture the joy and heartbreak of life in the Hoosier State. Inspired by settings like A Thousand Thousand Islands and Into the Riverlands, Finley imagines an exaggerated and fantastical version of my experiences. Dangerous tractor races, ambitious factions battling for dominance, and woodland cults preparing for the return of their God– all this and more await you in Finley

This module includes:

  • 3 competing factions equipped with ideology, leadership, and unique assets to achieve their goals
  • 3 distinct major cities, each with unique NPCs, evocative landmarks, and quest hooks
  • 6 minor locations for one-shot adventures such as a haunted grist mill, a deadly coal mine, a cornfield with a bloody past 
  • 2d6 bestiary of midwest-inspired creatures, from the proud mastodon to the viscous hydraheron
  • 2d6 table of random encounters ranging from odd NPCs to deadly ambushes
  • 3d6 treasury of magical tools, rewards, and historical artifacts 
  • 41 black and white photobashed or public domain pictures
  • 36 NPCs with fun quirks and compelling motivations, representing the kinds of people I’ve met in the past ten years of living in the Hoosier state. 
  • Over 6,000 words of succinct, vivid prose that I’m honestly pretty proud of

Content Warnings: Violence, religious themes, infestation of bodies, hauntings, economic insecurity

I wrote an essay about Finley and leaving Indiana: 

Check out Cassi Mothwin’s flip through of the setting! https://youtu.be/MrBNbTc9ZD0

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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As someone from Missouri, I really love this! I posted a flip through and rolled on all the tables on YouTube! 


thanks so much for looking through my work!! 


Finley is both immediately familiar as a reflection of the midwest, but also delightfully uncanny and fantastical. I love how many interesting pieces of the setting are packed into all the tables. Can't wait to explore Finely more in the future.

Thank you so much!!