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Timeskip is a collaborative worldbuilding tool for jumping characters from a previously-established tabletop campaign into the future. Together with your table, imagine new outfits, new jobs, and even new family members that arrive in your characters' lives as time continues to pass. Furthermore, Timeskip allows each player to make choices about significant factions or NPCs in your campaign, altering them as well as their characters. 

Players- 2 to 8

Time to Play- 20 minutes to 3 hours

Materials Required- Something to write on + writing utensil, or a word processing document. Optional materials include a ten-sided die and a coin.

Thanks to Hessan Yongdi for this great breakdown! -https://hessan-yongdi.itch.io/ 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Timeskip Character Sheet.pdf 1 MB


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In my home game, we took a (real life) 9 month hiatus, and when we came back, we said "I wish there was a game we could play to fill out what happened to our characters in that time."

Lo and behold! One game of Timeskip later and we've met new characters, new enemies, shifting alignments, and not one, but TWO new pets.

This game rules!!!

thank you so much Jeff!!!


This is a very neat game! I posted a flip through on YouTube! Check the timestamps to skip right to it!


What a cool idea, and so easily adapted to almost any game!

Thanks Mike! The hope was for any long-running campaign to be able to take a break between "seasons" to imagine some fresh ideas for their character and world!